Austin Brain Tumor Repository

Liquid Nitrogen being poured to preserve donated tissue

Advancing Brain Tumor Research in Central Texas

The Austin Brain Tumor Repository (ABTR) at NeuroTexas Institute’s Research Foundation was established to facilitate the collection, storage and distribution of primary brain tumor tissue and paired blood samples (not required for routine medical care) donated by patients undergoing surgical resection.  The mission of the ABTR is to provide NTI researchers, their collaborators, and outside institutions with the opportunity to use donated specimens suitable for research that will advance our understanding of brain tumors in the areas of genetics, cell biology, biochemical engineering, and drug discovery.

The tissue collection is maintained in a -80 degree C freezer, which is optimal for long-term storage of tissues intended for use by molecular biologists.  In addition to DNA samples for partial and whole-genome sequencing, the tissue samples are suitable for RNA extraction (i.e. for gene expression studies) and protein assays.

The ABTR will distribute tissue specimens to qualified researchers with Institutional Review Board approved research studies and will never distribute donated tissue for financial gain.  Please also note that priority in tissue sample loans will be granted to NeuroTexas Institute Research Foundation researchers and their immediate collaborators.  Please contact the ABTR program manager for additional information.